As you look around our site, you'll see many success stories and testimonials from other personal trainers, local business owners, moms, real-estate agents, school teachers, Pilate's instructors, corporate executives, high school students, and retired snow birds.

Many of you who live here in the valley have been raving about Fitness Forever Personal Training  unique ways of providing fitness and nutritional solutions that really work. We also feature incredible state of the art equipment like the power plate. We've got great articles for you to download, Supermarket Secrets Revealed at our very popular  supermarket tours,  amazing  healthy resources links  with all the tools  that  you'll need  to meet the ever-growing "wellness" demand  to stay healthy and feeling vital and young.

There are other personal trainers, personal training studio's and so called nutritionists in this area, but you WILL NOT find another personal training studio and  program that can deliver the visible, lasting results that our clients are getting.

Now, if you are looking for someone to give you a generic workout or eating program and send you to the treadmill  or off to the store with your grocery list then our program is not for you. But if you are serious about turning your life around,  I would love to invite you down and tour our private suites, meet our experts and specialists, get a great workout and when your done, then we'll give you our professional recommendations with NO strings attached.

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The Machine is Not a Miracle But Where It Takes You Is!  Dubbed the 'Miracle' Machine, it keeps Madonna looking fighting fit and Lance Armstrong ahead of the pack. If you are tired and frustrated with all the gimmicks, pills, powders, shakes, gym memberships you don’t use, and wiz bang home-fitness equipments that ends up being an expensive clothes hanger, then this try this Amazing Offer Now!

The Power Plate 10 Minute Workout!
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15 years Of Insulin Dependencies
Gone in 12 Days and I've Lost 83 lbs!
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"To be healthy means to take responsibility for one’s self, and that requires that we make choices that can only be made effectively through knowledge. Information must be differentiated from knowledge in that information alone will not help anyone. The world is swimming with information yet we are more unhealthy than ever so clearly those that are healthy have applied health information and therefore, exhibit knowledge of how to be healthy." P. Chek
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Ingo Is an articulate and unusually intimate speaker, Ingo has received outstanding reviews for his insightful, evocative and inspiring addresses to both local and national audiences. With boundless energy and a message that invigorates even as it enlightens, Ingo tells it like it is. Learn More
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Hi! My name is  Ingo Logé   Nutritional LIfe Coach, friend, ocean lover and  the founder and president of Fitness Forever  Personal Training  and Nutrition Now known as the Wellness CSI, here in Palm Desert, California, thank you so much for visiting our website. Here are a few reasons  why you'll want to poke around the site.

My training philosophy is simple, it is based on the understanding that life is a process of creation based on self-awareness. Simply Put, Fitness Is A Relationship With Yourself Forever. It's about feeling, breathing, listening, and exploring. It's accepting, laughing, embracing and healing. To exercise this awareness through thought, breath, and movement, enables us to define, maintain, and ultimately create our own reality. As you begin to apply our approach, this new understanding takes on shape and creates clarity.  What I teach is a lifestyle, a new perspective on health and your overall well-being. !
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Smart Solutions to Challenges For Our Active, Older Generation Community.
"I Know I Need To Get More Exercise. I Just Don't Know Where To Begin and I Don't Want To Get Hurt."
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