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  I Want My Bod And Life Back
Nutritional Boot Camps.... 

FACT: Over the past 24 months, our Fitness Forever Team has created, refined and perfected a training, implementation and accountability system unlike anything available anywhere in this industry. It is so successful because of the sequential layering of one principle strategy on top of the next. We deliver precisely what you need, when you need it, thoroughly train you on how to do it and then HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to executing the I Want My Body Back  systems protocol.

If you can’t or won’t be held accountable; if you resist growth and expansion of your own personal capabilities; if you stubbornly and foolishly want to remain in your ‘comfort zone’- existing only in the gray twilight of mediocrity, never knowing the triumph of high achievement; if you are complacent, lacking confidence and shackled by fear...THIS IS NOT FOR YOU! then stay away – do not pass go, do not collect on what is rightfully yours, continue wallowing in your victim-mentality and scarcity-thinking, and do not burden us with your insecurity.  WE DON’T WANT YOU, will not work with you, and if you do, somehow, slip through the cracks and get into this program – we will quickly DISCOVER YOUR INEPTITUDE and hand you over to the FIRING SQUAD! 

If you think I’m joking – TRY ME.  I could NOT be more deadly serious. Because my time, the time of everyone on my team, and the time of our new Boot Camp recruits, is far too precious to be wasted with half hearted, wanna-be’s "I need to get in shape" whiners. you do know I am having fun writing this don't you!

Eat, Move and be Healthy Extreme Wellness Makeover BootCamps™ are ONLY for recruits who are squared away, ready to work and ready to finally get the results, the health,  the feeling of you have accomplished something BIG and the lifestyle you already know belongs to you if you stretch, reach out and GRAB IT!

Your altitude is determined, almost exclusively, by your ATTITUDE. I’ve come to realize, over many years of working in this industry, that my efforts, regardless of how robust and determined, are WASTED on those timid souls with an attitude grounded in fear and insecurity. And I will NOT squander the ever-diminishing, valuable hours of my time trying to be a psychologist, fixing people who are broke.

I will reserve my time, my energy and my expertise, and that of my team, EXCLUSIVELY for those who are ready, willing and able to TAKE ACTION and CAPITALIZE on the ABUNDANT wealth of information and opportunity available to them.  If that is you, then here is our promise: Because my goal, my mission, my commitment is to never, ever waste my time again with anyone who will not take 100% responsibility for their life, their actions, inactions and decisions. So I am going to do everything in my power right now to see what kind of person you are.  Because we will only work with people committed to winning.

So -- can you handle the truth?

Can you withstand an all-out frontal assault on your ‘comfort zone’?

Can you suck it up and stick it out through one to six weeks of the real deal?

Can you follow instructions? Can you take direction?  Can you execute – and make things happen when given the precise action-plan to follow?

Can you get projects and home work assignments done…with speed?

And can you be held accountable?

If so, then prepare for SHOCK AND AWE. Prepare to take your body and your lifestyle to a level of vitality and satisfaction – a level of reward that, until now, has only existed in your mind’s eye.

Because everything changes when you have systems and processes, and the expertise to use them, to generate real results with yourself at will and at anytime you want.

And that’s precisely what you’ll have when you graduate with Sergeant’s stripes from our Eat, Move and Be Healthy BootCamps

Do you know anyone in the military?

If so, they will tell you that their life was dramatically, powerfully and irreversibly altered after undergoing the trial by fire of basic training.

Because when you accept that challenge, you either find another gear and crank it up, achieving WELL BEYOND what you previously thought possible…or you wash out and walk home shame-faced.

That’s the exact scenario we’ve created here…

Yeah.  I said it.  I SCREAMED IT.
And I won’t back away from it.
There’s WAY too much KAH KAH in the DIET AND FITNESS industries.
Way too many whiners, show offs, television show guru's, get rich quick infomercial people, wussies and wanna-be’s. And I’m sick of it.  I’ve had it.

That’s why I formed The I Want My Body and Life  Boot Camps–and frankly re-wrote this entire part of this website... and why I am carefully and closely screening the people whose lives we are going to change and SAVE!!!!!

And by doing that, we’ve created what’s rapidly becoming…

The Single Most Sought After Personal Training and Nutritional Studio in The Desert ...

If you understand and recognize that......., then you are ready. NO Games... If you are ready, we will lead you to such a high place of health and well being that you will look back on this day in your life and sneer with disdain at where you once were. Your new life BEGINS NOW with full commitment and unbridled enthusiasm for the accelerated growth you will achieve over the next one to three months..It is time to meet the 4 Doctors and let them give you your makeover.

With all that said, with your thorough understanding of the attitude YOU must bring to the table in order for this to work, and with your commitment to DOING THE WORK we assign you, without hesitation or excuse, I GUARANTEE you will never need any other diet, fitness or whatever comes on the next infomercial solution...ever.

"If you're serious about your health, and serious about learning how to make incredible and amazing changes to your body and life then you won't hesitate.  Not for a second!"

You've got to click here and commit to this now, while you're thinking about it.  While it's still a burning desire - because if you don't, someone else will get your spot and trust me I do get a waiting list

Oh you might be saying after you read all of this that you would love to make the commitment but you don't live here. NOT!  We've got you so covered on this and have developed this boot camp to be delivered to you where ever you live in the US of A with the same guaranteed, results, motivation, sensitivity and intensity. Our team of coaches and advisors (Me!) are just a mouse click and phone call away, And as a new recruit Fed Ex will deliver your  I Want My Body and Life Boot Camp materials and the essentials in Just 3 days!  So you see there is no excuses left now. Please understand,

The reason why our online and in studio coaching program works is because of the strategic and sequential layering of each I Want My Body and Life Back lifestyle principles one on top of the next, week by-week.

Rather than just dumping a big box of stuff on you and letting you pick your way through it, Me, Ingo,  (and the rest of my team if I need them) will coach and tutor you by

1. Teaching you one principle of the system at a time.

2. Showing you how to make it work and get it up and running for amazing results

3. Holding you accountable to getting it up and running so you can actually benefit from it.

4. Answering your questions, fine tune, and provide guidance to help you optimize the      system.

5. And only then do we move on to the next principle and do the same.

After our initial 3-4 hours together you will be receiving a follow up  email with instructions of how to Use  the included Books, Dvds and the CD series  YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! This informal discussion with Paul Chek highlights issues to consider when selecting the foods we consume. As Paul points out, our bodies replace millions of cells each day, as our tissues turn over continually. These new cells are made out of the building blocks that come from our food and drink. Do you want your bones, muscles, eyes and hair to be made from low quality fast food or nutritious organic produce?

Paul talks about these ideas and more in this informative and entertaining audio program. He discusses research, uncovers controversies and provides suggestions on the following areas: We will use these as  stepping stones in your makeover and you can download them onto your ipod or listen to them in the car on your Cd player. Over the next 9 weeks we will uncover the mysteries using all the materials below

  • Organic vs. commercially raised foods
  • Cooked food vs. raw food
  • Food processing and food storage (click link for article excerpt)
  • Food packaging
  • Genetically modified foods
  • Food irradiation
  • Fiber, colon health and detoxification
  • The pros and cons of grains
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Animal products, eggs and seafood
  • Fats and oils
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Microwave ovens

Your Boot Camp  comes complete with all the pictured items which shows you how to highlight action items for yourself, and has a very comprehensive list of references and useful resources besides the ones on this site. 

Besides our weekly coaching sessions you will need to purchase a body fat scale form this site if you are an online client, if you don't already own one... get the Tanita Ironman intra cellular unit it costs about $120 and there is free shipping See and Buy It

These steps, this protocol, is STRATEGIC -- so each principle  is layered on top of the last, fully integrated, steadily building a rock-solid, duplicable and mostly automated way of changing every cell in your body

Does that make sense to you? Hope so. Because I can tell you this with absolute certainty

We Can Take Anyone With The Right Attitude And Transform Them....So again to say it loud!

"If you're serious about your health, and serious about learning how to make incredible and amazing changes to your body and life then you won't hesitate. Not for a second!"

Lets Talk a bit  why not Just give me a calland commit to this now, while you're thinking about it.  While it's still a burning desire, because if you don't, someone else will get your spot.  click here

  "How To Finally Lose Unwanted Fat,
Build A Toned Physique And Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Programs That Don’t Work!" 6 Reasons Why Our  Nutritional Boot Camps Get YOU Results Immediately!

1. If you're confused, like most people I speak with, by the fitness gadgets, diets, pre-packaged meal plans, health club offerings, the carbohydrate 'thing', low and high glycemic foods, how much protein, which vitamins, and on and won't be anymore!

2. You will leave our studio armed with tools, tactics and techniques for quickly reclaiming your body, eliminating pain, getting control over your nutrition, boosting your energy, speeding up your metabolism, improving your sleep and digestion, and so much more.

3."Your food is the most powerful 'drug' on earth!  You eat it several times a day, everyday of your life.  It contains hundreds upon hundreds of compounds that your body uses as its 'fuel for life.' Your food can be your medicine or your poison."

4. Every one of us is unique and has different dietary requirements.  Fitness Forever  will help you find what foods are right for you.  You will find out your metabolic type and learn how to eat to optimize your health, keeping you healthy and pain free. Also learn Corrective exercises to keep you healthy, flexible, and feeling great for life!

5. Ever wonder about those super-healthy and fit people you see around town, maybe on your street? Now you can know what they know. You are not alone anymore.

6 Finally - all the real answers you've been searching for revealed to you, by the most knowledgeable experts in the desert, all in one fun place on the days of your choosing!

  • The Answers to all of your questions regarding how long it takes;
  • What we will go over;
  • What I will require from you;
  • What you can expect; bringing a spouse, partner, parent,  and what your dollar investment will be Click Here


  "83 Pounds Gone!
I Went From Four Daily Insulin Injections To None" I double checked with outside professionals and searched for information on the Internet.  Mr. Loge knew what he was teaching.  I was willing to put my full trust in his skill."

Peter Shorts

"I struggled for years to change my ways, until that day when I met Ingo."
Bill  Henson

"I Believe I Could Never Have Accomplished This
Life Change Without The Coaching From Ingo"
Nancy Leonard

"You Really Made a Big
Impact On Us"
Dana Ohmann

"Electrifying Motivation"
Kathleen  Ahlgren

"Certain People Make A Big Impact"
Steve Pufpaf

"I Take AL Your Tips To Heart"
Teri Bell

Voted The Desert's Top Personal Training and Nutritional Program
Featured Studio in The New Book “La Quinta A Legend in the Making” by Victoria J. Bailey
"Whether you believe you can
or believe you can't
you're right"
Henry Ford

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What Do We Do? We help you use your head to get out of your head. Once you're out, you stay out!   Learn More...
  • You’ll begin to eat better, healthier and more responsibly and, as a result, feel the best you’ve felt in years 
  • You’ll see improved self-confidence and self-assurance 
  • You’ll start to develop positive habits that you’ll want to continue because they make you feel better, and not just because they are better for you
  • You’ll discover a level of peace of mind and inner strength and contentment that you’ve never felt before 
  • You’ll enjoy a jump-start of energy and vitality


Here’s an overview of the  Topics and Sessions in this revolutionary, interactive program we offer
that is designed to improve every health and wellness area of your life:
             Dr. Quiet
  • Natural Rhythms
  • Early to Bed, Early to Rise
  • Dr. Quiet’s Nemesis – The Caffeine/Sugar Cycle
  • Tips for Getting to Sleep at Night
  • Dr. Quiet’s Three Types of Rest

Dr. Happiness
  • Your Values – Your Health
  • The Symptoms of an Unhappy Life
  • Happiness and Success
  • Uncovering Your Core Values
  • Let Your Values be Your Guide
  • What Does Happiness Look Like?

Dr. Movement
  • Life is Movement
  • The Body Pump
  • Biological Oscillators
  • Breathing for Life
  • Working Out Vs. Working In
  • Work-in Before You Work Out
  • Work-in Exercises
  • Workout Options

Dr. Diet
  • The Modern Diet
  • You Are a Rechargeable Bio-Battery!
  • Don’t Feed Lions Leaves and Don’t Feed Giraffes Steak!
  • Determining Your Basic Metabolic Type
  • Where Do I Start?
  • How Do I Know if I’ve Got it Right?
  • Why Organic Matters
  • Water is Life

Once Again,  Are You Tired Of Feeling The Way You Do? Here  Is  A Sample Of What You Will Learn In Our 9 Week Online Personal Coaching With Me I Want My Body Back Now Program:
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