I Opened Fitness Forever Because I Know People Can Control Their Bodies.
As long as they connect with themselves, their food and listen to that connection they can do anything. I know how to give that to people, not create it for them but help them find it, hear it. I help them connect and offer all the support I can. They do the rest.
The results come from them, not me...

"Listen, trust and believe, don't look back.  Allow yourself
the freedom and power to move forward. Never force and
most importantly believe you can make a difference"

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100% Complimentary, There is No Charge.

YES!  Ingo, I am Interested in How can I create the perfect program that challenges, inspires, replenishes and ultimately transforms me? That’s my goal, that’s what I want to do.  I really don't know what foods are right for me and I'm ready to learn more about being personally coached by you and your team of specialists for automatic almost effortless results. I'm ready to discover and embrace the untapped power of the mind body connection and develop unshakeable self-confidence and bring a POWERFUL Self-Image into ALL my business and personal life.

In short, I want to be HEALTHY. I want to be HAPPY. And I want to put this happiness and health into my business, my family and personal life and watch them take off like a rocket. I want to live life straight-up, with gusto, passion and enthusiasm and.by doing so, crash through every obstacle I've ever encountered.

If there are any spaces left in your schedule, please contact me I would really like to learn more. I understand that threre are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going.

I also realize you only have a very limited number of openings for your life changing programs and that I am not guaranteed a spot even if I so decided. There are absolutely no strings attached with my complimentary 1 hour Private Health and Nutritional Consultation 
"Whether you believe you can
or believe you can't
you're right"
Henry Ford
77760 Country Club Drive Suites E and G Palm Desert Calif 92211
Studio:760.200.4920 Fax 760.200.4920

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Our fitness & nutritional programs are radically different from
traditional personal training programs.