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Rapidly makes you physically stronger! (You'll notice the "looks" you start getting on the course by the other 'jealous' players within days!)

Builds and strengthens your self-confidence on the course- empowering you to achieving lower scores each and every time you play!

Doubles (maybe even triples) your energy- giving you the stamina to play all day long! (How many players do YOU know who's scores go UP when they get tired late in the game?)

Makes you feel invigorated, vital, and powerful - you become an unstoppable force!

Practically eliminates stress from your life - your shoulders will loosen up and the precision of your game will double!

Doubles (maybe even triples) your flexibility - allowing you to use perfect form like the pros! It's not that you don't KNOW how to swing properly, it's that your BODY doesn't co-operate!

Creates total body awareness (maybe for the first time!) - ALL of the pros know how the whole body works and moves together in one smooth motion....does yours?

ANSWER: Read on to discover the answer and learn how to claim your no-obligation, no -strings-attached, FREE $195 gift!

Dear Golf friend and Neighbor,
Is it really possible that one "thing" could actually give you all of those wonderful benefits?

YES! It absolutely is. And that one "thing" is secret sport specific golf exercise. Whoa! Wait a minute. Don't bail out on me now.

Let me explain!

My name is Ingo Loge, and I'm the owner of Fitness Forever in Palm Desert. I'm an Exercise Physiologist, CHEK practitioner certified personal transformation specialist and athletic expert with over 26 years of experience. I have helped hundreds of people just like you to reclaim, rejuvenate, and resuscitate their lives AND their best golf scores through the application of "specialized" golf exercises (you wont find anywhere else in the desert...I promise!) and a healthy diet. And I GUARANTEE I can do the same for you regardless of your age or your current fitness level or your score!

How To Take Control Of Your Life And Your Golf Game!

It doesn't matter if you're 18 or 80, slightly overweight or clinically obese, a former jock or a total couch potato....

I GUARANTEE You can lose All The Weight, Regain ALL The Mobility, And Develop All The Strength You Need To Look, Feel, And Play Better Golf Than You Ever Have Before!

Everyone wants to feel like they are in control of their life. But being overweight, tight, or out of shape literally drains your life force and can lead to illness and disease. Not to mention that it saps your self-confidence, steals your self-worth, and shows itself on the bottom line of your score cards!

Being Overweight Or Out Of Shape Is Like A Self-Imposed CURSE!

Studies show that when you feel good about yourself, you are infinitely more likely to get the job you want, earn the income you want, have the relationships you want, and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

And NOTHING Makes You Feel Better Than Being Healthy, Fit, Trim and Athletic!

Unfortunately, the proliferation of fad diets and worthless golf and fitness gimmicks makes it very difficult for golfers to know what works and what doesn't. The truth is that a staggering percentage of "avid golfers" don't realize that if their bodies don't correctly move through the ENTIRE range of motion with smooth fluidity, strength, and accuracy, they will NEVER experience the kind of golf they dream about!

And the silly contraptions sold on television are no better. You know what happens: you're excited for about a week or two, then it goes under the bed or in the garage and collects dust. Joining a gym is good too, but will you go? And will you learn things that actually TIGHTEN your body and it's movements-hurting your golf game (like 99% of gyms teach)? Or will you learn the SECRETS that pros like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson use?

Most People Respond And Learn Best When
There Is An External Source Motivating Them!

And that's where I come in. You see, personal fitness training is NOT just for the entertainers, athletes and the rich - it's affordable and effective (more effective than anything else I know of) - personal fitness training is for anyone who is serious about happiness, and self-fulfillment, And GREAT GOLF SCORES.....and that's YOU right? You wouldn't have read this far otherwise!

How To Claim Your FREE Gift (Valued at $195) And Experience What I'm Talking About Firsthand!

I have a very limited number of openings in my training schedule, so I'm offering this special free gift to only the first 27 people to respond. Here's what you get:

Two FREE 30-minute personal training sessions with me so you can experience the benefits firsthand!

These will include specialty exercises that will immediately loosen your neck and shoulders allowing you better range of motion and increased strength.

An introduction to the clubbell or body blade the ultimate three dimensional strength tool that will enhance your golf game quicker than any fitness element EVER! You have to experience it to believe it!

A FREE nutritional consultation which will show you how to quickly and efficiently get to the top of your game (without starving yourself and eating those 'diet foods' that taste horrible).

To take advantage of this limited time offer, (October 2007- December 2007) you must be one of the first 27 people to call me directly  760.200.4920. I can promise you two things: 1)You will learn a lot, and 2) There will be NO sales pressure (I hate being "sold" - so you can be sure I won't try to "sell" you!)

Call me today at 760.200.4920

77760 Country Club Drive Suites E and G Palm Desert Calif 92211
Studio:760.200.4920 Fax 760.200.4920
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