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As a Southern California speaker, it's not possible to have just one talk as there are not enough audiences for that! So Ingo has information that can be mixed and matched so the content and message can vary. These outlines are just guides for you to have an idea of the areas in which he can speak. Ingo prefers to have a direct briefing with his clients to determine which combination would be best for you. Please read event testimonials and you will agree that Ingo is 
a great choice.

"People will forget what you say, they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you made them feel," Carl Buechner.

Audiences will learn how to motivate  themselves and encourage others in living a more organic holistified lifestyle, be authentic at all times, program themselves for nutritional and physical excellence, unlock the secrets and power of the 4 Doctors that live inside of them, be humble and work collaboratively with self, build strong, lasting relationships with food and fitness and how to have a positive spirit  toward health- not just a positive attitude!

The New Rule of Corporate Wellness: Tired in the morning? Sluggish in the afternoon?  Want to know secrets for unlimited energy, ultra focus and a more productive and enjoyable workplace experience? From stress reduction to foods to eat to make you more money Ingo's event  will have your team members buzzing for more. Before the event, they will receive this questionnaire in their Inbox then come to the event for their personalized answers. AMAZING!
see the event questionnaire here your team will have a total lifestyle transformation

Flatten Your Corporate Abs Forever And Increase Productivity
is an event specifically designed to give you more day to day energy, resilience and wellness, using the strategies I've mastered in my 25 years of practice.

I'd love to work with you personally and show you how to put these strategies into action in your own life. But in order for me to do that, you'll have to invite me to your next event! 

And, most importantly, you'll leave the workshop not only with a wealth of knowledge and techniques you can apply to your life to improve your life immediately, but the confidence and desire to use them right away. 

There is no greater spiritual act than to take responsibility for one’s Self. Learn how to take control and gain the rewards of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing.

If you're confused, like most people I speak with, by the fitness gadgets, diets, pre-packaged meal plans, health club offerings, the carbohydrate 'thing', low and high glycemic foods, how much protein, which vitamins, and on and won't be anymore!  You'll be shocked and entertained to learn the truth and the secrets of how stress is affecting your body and making your pants to tight!  Most importantly, you'll walk away with the absolute knowledge of how you can take control of your body once and for all. This  2- 4 hour event has proven life-altering and is the springboard people need to help them master the elusive concept of "exercising and eating right." Included in some events, a complete 4 course certified organic meal and a variety of metabolism igniting snacks!  FLYER 

*Peak Energy While Traveling:  This Is always a popular  and requested  workshop. Ingo shares the top 7 foods, (yes you get to taste and see them) to take with you while traveling so you can stay at your peak energy level and not have the dreaded jet lag. He also shares his secret weapon something everyone  can do before, during and after your  plane ride that will regenerate your skin and your spirit
WAKE UP!  This Meeting Is Not Over!
Radicaly funny and fun energizing "working-in"  practices . The time Ingo spends on stage is only 10 minutes, we suggest twice per day your morning session and afternoon sessions usuall drag so having Ingo come on stage will change your entire event and yoru attendees reaction to the rest of the days or weeks events! see testimonail from Todd Duncan, BIll Hart and others.

*Corporate Early Morning "Work-In" Boot Camps "Your Body Is A Weight!" Great team builder for all attendees before your day of meetings and events See the WRU testimonial as over 90 Marriott team memebers had a workout and "work in" with no weights that forever changed their day and made their event more meaningful. This is a bonus Ingo provides and is a great way to get him to be a part of your event, then follow up with his 10 minute energy boosts during your Keynotes for the ultimate succes of  what you are trying to accomplish with your team.
Extreme Team Wellness/Productivity Makeover! Discover the Secrets of the World's Most Successful "Health and Wellness" Experts and See Why Almost Everything You Have Been Told About Nutrition and Fitness is DEAD WRONG! Each atttendee will come to the event with their own personal total health assessment filled out and ready! see the event questionnaire here  Ingo will give the attendees  a whole new look at how they can become more productive both in the workplace and  at home with their families!  Your  attendees will recieve feedback and insight  based on their own idividual answers they gave on the questionnaire.. This is an EYE OPENING, life changing event!

See the Testimonial From GMDC . This event featured the spouses of  the most influential companies in the food industry today! 
P&G, Kellogs, Bayer, Unilever, US Nutition, Natures Way, to name just a  few!


Motivation, Self Esteem, Work/Life Balance, Sales Productivity,    Busting Stress In The Workplace 

Travels From
 San Diego, California


Westin Mission Hills Featured Speaker and Trainer For The 12 Month Biggest Looser Westin Contest! Starts Aug 2008

Western Region U, JW Marriott Scottsdale, AZ Aug 21st-22nd

Marriott Owners (Mina) Event Esmerelada Renaissance Resort Indian Wells, October 9th-10th

Mastery Business Plan
Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas
November 7th-10th

To many to list now, see client list


What Companies Are Say'in

The Duncan Group Mastery 2007
Todd Duncan's Testimonial
Bill Hart Testimonial

Lion Faces And The Policeman

GMDC 2007 Palm Desert
Client Testimonial

Marriott Western Region
Event Testimonials 
Group Photo

 Marriott S.F. Embarcadero 
Group Sales Team  April 2007
Event Testimonials

JW Marriott Resort and Spa Desert Springs Sales Team Feb. 20O7

Marriott Western Region University 
 2007Anaheim, Calif 
 Client Testimonial

  • Clients:
  • Marriott Western Region University
  • Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa
  •  PMMI Hosted At Hyatt Grand Champions, Indian Wells.Ca.
  • La Quinta Resort And Spa
  • The Spa at La Costa
  • Access Entertainment
  • Direction 180 in Kentucky
  • Remekes Markets
  • Desert Adventure  Bootcamp
  • Hain - Celestial Company
  • Bellus Beauty Academy 
  • KSL La Costa Resort & Spa
  • KSL Rancho Las Palmas
  • Palm Springs Visitors Assc.


Ingo Loge'
"The Nutritional Lifestyle Connection Expert"

A natural comedian trapped in the body of a 25 year in the trenches fitness and nutrition expert, Ingo is guaranteed to make you laugh. As a leading expert in alternative health, nutrition, exercise prescription, and wellness, Ingo's fun-loving  charismatic spirit brings a very fresh perspective to the often serious subjects of exercise, digestive health, stress management, the foods we eat, when we eat them, our hormonal tides, exercise, growing older and personal health. 

An articulate and unusually intimate speaker, Ingo has received outstanding reviews for his insightful, evocative and inspiring addresses to both local and national audiences. With boundless energy and a message that invigorates even as it enlightens, Ingo tells it like it is. 

Each performance is crafted to the audience through extensive consultation and customization and is guaranteed to entertain you with a stunning combination of props, visuals, interaction and outrageous self discoveries. 

What Audiences Can Expect
On stage, Ingo is a blast of energy who will inspire you with specific, fun-filled strategies that will launch you into action. You will be energized with new ways to enhance personal performance, relationships, bust stress, and to think in new and creative ways when it comes to stress, exercise and eating.   There will also be many "AH HA" moments as wisdom's seeps into your soul. 

With expertise in exercise, physiology, nutrition, holistic health, psychology, NLP, group dynamics, and ergonomics, Ingo explores the mind-body connection in his crusade to bust stress, increase energy, improve self communication, build personal relationships and connect the four doctors that live with in all of us. 


Ingo is the man! I think that we have all attended corporate events that included a trainer in tights that delivers an anemic attempt to get attendees "physical". At best, these are half-hearted attempts met with partial audience involvement and limited success. 
Enter Ingo. From the moment he walks on stage, he owns it, and the audience. His mixture of energy, humor, education (and UNIQUE education - "Lion Face" - what a blast!) and genuine caring for the audience is engaging, fun and addictive. I actually found myself looking forward to these 10 mn energizer breaks!  Looking forward to working together again! Bill Hart, Coaching Champions. Sales Mastery 2007

I appreciate all you have taught me and all you have shared with me and I know we just scratched the surface. Certain people make a big impact on who we become in life and I "Thank You" for playing a HUGE roll in who I will become moving forward.
S. Pufpaf Director Of Western Region Marriott Hotels

Thank you so much for the follow up. It was my pleasure to meet you a couple of unexpected times….. and then to finally experience your presentation/workshop. I was very impressed with your knowledge in this subject. I am now obsessed with visualizing the amount of sugar in everything on my shopping list!    Jill Schvaneveldt Vice President of Sales Pacific Partners International
Rancho Mirage, CA  92270 
Ingo…you are incredible, fantastically awesome! 
S. Jacquart, Sales Mastery 2007

I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your sessions at Sales Mastery.  I met you outside of the ballroom yesterday after your first session.  You have impacted the attendees.  I have seen many people nostril breathe.  You are generating a great deal of discussion outside of the seminar times.  I wanted to encourage you in what you are doing.  You have a terrific stage presence.  It is apparent that you truly enjoy your career and lifestyle.  I have never experienced an educational discussion of stool! 
 K. Swanson, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

This time last week we were putting the wraps on Sales Mastery 07’. What a blessing to have you with us as a part of the TEAM. It was great to spend some time with you at dinner….Thanks also for sharing your incredible life journey Terry M Johnson 
Vice Pres/Prod. Development The Duncan Group.

*A side bar to this is that Terry later became a client of mine read his full testimonial it is amazing!  Click Here

Hello Bingo, 
 I can't thank you enough for all that you did for our special event.  I have already suggested your class to a possible future convention and heard that Diana is referring you to one of her clients too. Thank you for your time and efforts in creating and presenting your fabulous class. Terri Locked, camp, director of conference services the Weston mission hills resort and spa Rancho Mirage, California  

I first want to say thanks again for the inspiring exercises that you taught us all while at Sales Mastery 2007.  I am learning very fast that Todd Duncan only brings out the best of the best to work with his customers.  I actually started my career in sales as a personal trainer and went on to management over a 8 year span.  I still train regularly and love what I get out of working out.  I must say I have never seen anything like that before (Your training systems)  I loved it and think is extremely function and fun.  Fun is always good when it comes to exercises! Thanks again for you exciting, energizing, down right fantastic exercises and moves.

Keep doing what your doing you are one of a kind...
J. Sake

Nov, 7th 2010

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation yesterday for our FAM trip!  You were a big hit – as you could tell by the people that kept swarming around you afterwards.  Tony picked me up and we went straight to the La Quintal Farmers Market to buy all our organic produce!

Thanks again Iingo!!!  You were great!  I think you are going to see a lot of business come from your presentation! 

Angela Boardman Colletta
National Sales Manager
Rancho Las Palmas Resort and Spa

Nov, 18th, 2010

Ingo - the wonderful, the fabulous, the amazing Torry Burdick is going to make sure this gets into the MBPO Download Center as a special gift for all attendees, from you.  We have big love for you!! :) 

Sue Woodard,
President of Mortgage Success Source

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