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Studio:760.200.4920 Fax 760.200.4920 Perfect Blend A complete organic food-based daily vitamin, with superfoods plus a herbal wellness formula, for men and women of all ages, including teens.Vitamins Balanced Like Food A vitality-giving, complete vitamin/mineral formula in the same balance prescribed by orthomolecular-nutrition doctors for your superior health. About The Perfect Blend Formula: The balance of vitamins, minerals, whole greenfoods and herbs is designed to provide complete everyday nourishment to all the organ systems of the body. If these systems are healthy. then the immune system, which is the best indicator of our overall health, will be healthy, too. Real robust health means the skin is more supple, the hair is shinier, memory is clearer, and you really feel great! Also, you feel an amazingly deep sense of real well-being as your metabolism rebalances and refreshes itself. Lowest Price I have found Click Here From the deep, unpolluted waters near Norway, Carlson brings you the finest cod liver oil which is naturally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, EPA and DHA. Only cod fish caught during the winter and early spring are used, as the liver oil content is highest at this time of year. The oil is separated from the liver tissues without the use of chemicals. To insure freshness of Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the air inside the glass bottle has been replaced with nitrogen. Balance is important to all areas of our lives and nutrition, but it is particularly crucial when it comes to minerals and trace minerals: There are 92 elements found in nature and an additional 22 theoretical and/or observed elements. In addition, there are hundreds of isotope of the elements, any one of which may play an as yet undiscovered role in human health. . . It becomes increasingly evident when studying the relationship of minerals to human health that keeping the level of minerals in balance in every tissue, fluid, cell and organ in the human body may be the key to maintaining human health. 4* Not a single bottle of product leaves our manufacturing facility unless we can confidently back it up with the guarantee of “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back.” This guarantee is made possible today from the minerals found in the Great Salt Lake.   Rainbowlight Ultra Gram C 100% Buffered with Mineral Ascorbates Electrolyte Replenishment
Gentle on the Stomach High-potency 1,000 mg vitamin C system, buffered with six different mineral ascorbates to be exceptionally gentle on the stomach while helping to replace electrolytes depleted through exercise and stress. Availble at most health food stores.   This is the Best Vitamin C out there and it is my choice, a little pricy, but so worth the investment."Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C™ has been called "Vitamin C on steroids!" This is because it utilizes state-of-the-art Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET). LET allows the nano-scopic spheres of Vitamin C to..quickly navigate through the digestive system eliminate need for digestive activity prior to assimilation rapidly absorb in the small intestine move intact, directly to the liver elease the powerful, non-degraded Vitamin C for use throughout the body as the liposomal material is metabolized by the liver provide maximum assimilation and bio-availability because there are: Livonlabratories availlable online only.... Beyond C provides a number of nutrients that offer free radical protection, detoxification, increased energy levels, enhanced digestion and an improved immune system. Beyond C can heighten the detoxifying and chelating effects of Essential Daily Defense™ and Beyond Chelation Improved™. They have one of the best Co-Q10's on the market it is called Q Absorb, great for heart health and the immune system  THE BEST source for organic  EFA 3's and 6's. Their coconut oil  is their best selling product ever..this stuff is amazing, They have great products when it comes to getting good healthy fats and oils. THE BEST Olive oil, picked by hand and made the same way as far back as ancient Rome!  This family has a rich history. Mr. Bahraini states "Our olive oil starts its life not in the bottle or after the olive pressing but at the root of our trees. Our family gives particular care to the entire extraction process from the tending of the orchard to the bottling of the oil, opting for quality rather than quantity. Our process of extraction is true to the origins and art of olive oil making and we will continue this millenary tradition for you to enjoy at the table."  click on the media links to see lots of ABC news coverage of this company   Information and order page for a great product called Cell Food that I use in my water for all its health giving benefits as well as some other fine products.FEEL MORE ALIVE Increasing your oxygen levels naturally makes everything in your body spring to life. ENERGY BOOSTING Dramatically boosts your energy levels. BETTER HEALTH Strengthens the your immune system allowing your immune system to fight off unwanted flu bugs and coldsINCREASED MENTAL CLARITY Quickly heightens your concentration and alertness.EMOTIONAL WELL BEING Has a calming effect on your nervous system.SUPPLEMENT BOOSTER Greatly enhances your uptake of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other essential nutrients, from either natural food sources or from dietary supplements CLEANSES THE BODY Gives your body the added oxygen it needs to oxidize and eliminate built-up toxins and poisons. FASTER RECOVERY From injury, stress or strenuous exercise. NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC Kills infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, without harming beneficial microorganisms needed for your body. AIDS BREATHING Aids in the treatment of respiratory and allergy related conditions such as asthma, sinus and upper respiratory infection. The best of all the colloidal silver products on the market. I have used this product for many years and have the greatest respect for the scientist who owns the company. Mr. Key knows more about the REAL facts about colloidal silver and colloids in general then most all other supposed experts combined. Afraid of the sun? Do you get enough vitamin D this web site has the best information. Check out their articles on Toxicity.


 My next favorite healthy bars are the Double chocolate CoCoChia bars from Living Fuel They also have a pretty good bar in a pinch, We sell them at the studio. Welcome to the Rawchef Store and site. By far one of the best raw vegan chefs in the world and great site as well. Lots to learn and see. We are offering Living Food equipment, premium ingredients, and inspiring Books & Literature.
              Welcome to West Wind Farms! Take a virtual tour of our rural Tennessee farm and shop on-line for farm-raised organic, biodynamic and all-natural foods! West Wind Farms offers the very best certified organic and grassfed meats and poultry, as well as other fine quality and artisan foods. Wholesome, healthy, handcrafted, slow foods are our specialty. I buy everything from this company The best gluten free, sweet free, protein rich sprouted grain bread on the planet! Order it today. I can no longer keep Divinely D'Lish Granola in my office or I would eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner and maybe snack on it in between. It's as homemade tasting as it gets: made with all California-certified organic
farmers ingredients. (They also claim that their production and packaging is environmentally sensitive.) Consider yourself warned! now available at healthnutz in Palm Desert. 800-730-4562 The owner used to be a food chemist so he is very knowledgeable about what is needed to test for the best quality in spices before he buys them to be re-packaged and sold to the consumer. I buy all my fresh ground cinnamon from them and keep it in the freezer in a glass jar or plastic zip lock bag where it will last till I need to order some more. On the shelf, much of the aromatic oils evaporate and the cinnamon is nowhere near as flavorful. one of their best and most popular meat and fish spices is called roadkill. Go figure! Great organic beef jerkys, grass finished and fed from Golden Valley RanchesGolden Valley Natural Certified-Organic Beef Jerky, Teriyaki, 3-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 8) $55.92 $38.40 I sell these at the studio as well Nestle is known both for her clear explanations of science, nutrition, and governmental regulation, and for her strong arguments in favor of public awareness and regulatory reform. Her bestselling books include Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health and Safe Food: Bacteria, Biotechnology, and Bioterrorism. Her most recent book is 2006’s What to Eat, a guided tour of the supermarket. She is the food guru! Her book "What You Eat "is one of the best books I have ever read. A biologist by training, Dr. Marion Nestle teaches at New York University in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. She is a national expert on the societal impacts of food and nutrition policy. My main interest continues to be how food marketing influences what children eat. I think that it is something individuals can do something about; one person really can make a difference. I’d like to see lots more done to restrict food marketing to kids and to improve school food. Industry is very aware of the shift in public attitudes toward marketing. At first, industry went through the traditional stages of grief: denial, attacking the critics, appearing to “health up” the product. Now they’re doing something, not just advertising.There is a big profit in marketing to kids. But the legal liability of marketing to children poses a huge problem for the food industry. Organic Groceries, Vegetables and Fruits Delivered to Your Door Nationwide! This is My Favorite Gift Giving site! Boxed Greens Has Been Featured on Emeril Live! on the Food Network! It's Like Having Your Own Garden Without Having to Get Down in the Dirt Subscribe to Weekly Email Announcement About Sales & Seasonal Changes! When You Order From Boxed Greens Organic Produce Home Delivery!  You Never Know What Might Crop Up... began Kalani Organica in the spring of 1992 with a few bags of premium organic coffee and a dream of creating an ecologically sound alternative for discerning coffee drinkers. Since coffee was becoming one of the world's most environmentally destructive crops we sought alternatives and found growers who used sustainable, shade-grown, and organic methods of coffee farming.CERTIFIED ORGANICALLY GROWN  All of the organic growers we work with have been certified by an independent third party. These certifying organizations, which include O.C.I.A., E.K.O., S.K.A.L., and The Biodynamic Institute, verify that no synthetic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers) have been used on the crops or soil. It usually takes three years of cultivation without synthetic chemicals for certification to occur. Laptop Lunches are American-style bento boxes designed to help families pack nutritious, environment-friendly lunches for school, work, and travel. Our sustainable lunch containers--which come with a book of healthy lunch ideas and lunchmaking recipes--are reusable, recyclable, and dishwasher safe. And all of our lunchboxes are lead-free. All sorts of info..... THIS IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITES   An excellent general web site on many holistic health issues. I can spend hours in this site. Learn to achieve natural health for you, your family and your pets with alternative/holistic/complimentary/integrative and preventative methods of healing: homeopathy, herbs, urine therapy, hydrotherapy, raw foods and juices, therapeutic fasts, healing clays, sunlight, thalassotherapy (seawater), nutrition, naturopathy, biomagnetics healing, aromatherapy, reiki healing, flower essences and more.  "First do no harm..."   Good site for safe drinking water and the facts about the hazards of fluoride.   Mercury free homeopathic dentist in Glendale California. First Do NO Harm...This implies that, in our office, the patient comes first, and is evaluated as a whole person rather than a set of teeth. A careful blend of laser, cosmetic, homeopathic and family dentistry is applied following biological, or holistic principles, making us very unique in the arena of modern dentistry. We are a mercury-free office, our facility is spacious, equipped with the latest technology (including digital X-rays and the dental Laser WATERLASE from BIOLASE) and designed meticulously to impart a sense of serenity and comfort to those seeking our services. There are no associates. Dr. Sarkissian is the sole caregiver and emphasizes highly individualized treatment plans for patients of all ages.   Keeping our water pure and healthy. What you need to know.
The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs from farms, stores, restaurants, inns, and hotels, and online outlets in the United States and Canada.   One of the best device for helping to reduce the detrimental effects of electrical and electromagnetic fields on humans. My other favorite is the E crystal. I use which ever tests best for the patient energetically. or The Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. Join this non-profit exceptional non-profit organization for their excellent quarterly journal on holistic health or simply to support one of the oldest and most respected nutritional organizations in the world. Any articles I write are first published here. This is the original foundation preserving the scientific works of Dr.'s Weston Price and Francis Pottenger Jr. Unlike many other health "authorities" who change with the tides and alter what they say with every new study, PPNF (as they are fondly referred to by their members) has been disseminating the same correct health information for decades. Their book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston Price, is possibly the single most important book relating to healthy eating and nutrition that has every been published. Dr. Price's book and his research are quoted at scientific conferences, lectures, and seminars on health and nutrition around the world numerous times every year. Highly recommended reading! Dr. Pottenger's book entitled "Pottenger's Cats, A Study in Nutrition", may be one of the most important nutrition and healthy eating studies ever performed. These and numerous other books are available from the foundation which I highly support and would like you too as well. This most important information is rebutting the incorrect and very dangerous information that is being fallaciously portrayed on the quack buster web site by some extremely dangerous professionals, Mostly by Dr. Stephen Barrett. He would like to close up and jail all health professionals who help get their patients well, while supporting those who simply use drugs to suppress symptoms. He is a dangerous man and this web site shows him and his associates as they really are. Robinson, Cal and Darlene. It is their company who installed the non-toxic (no chlorine or bromine) purification system on our swimming pool and hundreds of other pools and hot tubs around California and possibly the U.S. (I never asked him about other states). Barefoot Science™ is derived from proven principles of various disciplines, including neuromuscular physiology, rehabilitative medicine, musculoskeletal mechanical physics and adaptive bone remodeling. Through 20 years of research and using the latest advances in medicine and technology, Barefoot Science™ has developed a unique Arch Activation Foot Strengthening System™. And it’s easy to use! Larry Gust Baubiologist information about healthy homes. The agency for toxic substance disease registry. Try searching "mercury".
  Join, read, and weep. But you really do need to know. Environmental Working Group Governmental watchdog (look at "Body Burden"). Interested in the truth about autism, mercury and vaccines. Look here. Top information on the toxicity of mercury in dentistry. Buy some of their DVD's My favorite site for discounted books on all subjects. This is the archive of a web based radio show Very interesting and worth watching at least some of the video presentation. Have there really been UFO's visiting earth. I don't want to sound like a crackpot, so just watch their video. As the name implies. And get the bug stops here download. Natural Cosmetics Sanitas cosmetics, some of the best non toxic skin support available anywhere. Like a mercola they have a huge amount of important information and specially a great deal of actual research articles that many would benefit by reading look at

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, Community  Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Farmers' Markets
A national listing of farmers' markets.

Local Harvest         
This Web site will help you find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainable grown food in your area, where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.

Food Routes
The FoodRoutes Find Good Food map can help you connect with local farmers so that you can find the freshest, tastiest food possible. On their interactive map, you can find a listing for local farmers, CSA's, and markets near you.

Local Desert Shop and Eats
More Healthy Links and Info
5 Star Healthy Organic Grass Fed Meats, Foods, Bars, Spices
What Are The Best Vitamins, Minerals Fats and Oils And Where Can I Get Them? Click on the "watch movies" part of the site.This film and award winning site takes a great look at today's farming methods. Join Moo-Phius and Leo as they journey into the meatrix! There are 3 episodes that are about 3 min will love it and so will the kids. Grocery Store Wars! Contact the organic rebellion now. This 3 min short film on the "Dark Side of the farm" is a great tool to show your kids.about organic food.. Spoof on Star Wars.. Meet Cuke Skywalker, Dark Tater, Obi Whan Cannoli, Chew Broccoli and Ham Solo. One of The Best Sources of Scientific Information on the Hazards of Soy Products.

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference In much the same way that producing a high quality wine requires beginning with premium  grape vines and an environment perfectly suited for growing those grapes, producing great tasting, healthy, all natural grass-fed beef requires the best cattle breeds cultivated in an environment with lush grasses and forages. We think this analogy is well suited for how we raise our beef. We start with nothing but the best cattle – with genetics as close as we can find to the original, pure breeds. Then we find the most optimal open lands for their raising. And finally, the most dedicated, passionate, and capable ranchers and farmers. 

Spend a few minutes (or a few hours!) perusing the three links above, and you'll see just how much there is to know about grass-fed beef.

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