Jim Theisen: C.H.E.K Exercise Coach and Performance Enhancement Specialist; Core/Interval Training, Functional Training, Cardiovascular and Total Body Conditioning/Weighloss Emphasis: My approach is not to pinpoint but to target the whole picture of well-being. The aim of my training is to assist in this process and to pass on the knowledge I have obtained through my past experiences. People should train to feel good; looking good is a by-product of feeling good. CHEK & Nasm Educated & Certified More..
The Studio's:  Sessions are conducted in your own private suite.  The programs are individualized; designed
specifically for you. No crowds, no waiting for equipment. Packages are available based upon fitness level and goals.
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The Featured Specialists Are Representatives of The Fields and Disciplines We Provide And Do Not Make up our Entire staff. Their Bios and Philosophies Reflect How The
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Ingo G Loge' Owner Of  Fitness Forever sets the standard in health and fitness. Our Specialists are best of breed, an ever-evolving group of highly trained experts who approach your transformation from a congruent point of view that threads throughout our specific disciplines aimed at one goal: Integrate a Holistic Fitness Forever Lifestyle
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Jenny Costello:   Advanced Metabolic Typing Specialist:  Fitness Forever has partnered with Jenny Costello in the commitment to provide you with the highest quality nutritional coaching so that you can truly enjoy a life of health and longevity. Jenny can now offer you the tools for the most important project in your life - your health! Do I Need A Metabolic Typing Specialist and Coach? Increased energy, no more sweet cravings, a sense of joy and emotional well-being, a normal appetite, these are all commonly reported results of eating right for your Metabolic Type that often can occur quite quickly.I will help you achieve optimal results as soon as possible. There are many more good reasons why you should consider working with me as your Metabolic Typing Specialist Here is one as well as my bio. I can help you learn to understand your own “body language” so you can fine-tune your macronutrient ratios at meals and snacks to your specific individual requirements. Eating the right ratios of proteins, fats and carbs at each meal is vital to the success of your program. The right ratios can vary from meal to meal, even for people who are of the same Metabolic Type.  More...
At Bio Health Diagnostics; Our aim is to assist health professionals at Fitness Forever in the diagnosis and treatment of the underlying causes of illness and stifled metabolism. Additional testing may be necessary to rule out the possibility of these and other factors interfering with digestion and absorption and creating inflammation and stress on adrenal glands. These types of problems could impede absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients, and the maintenance of normal blood sugar. Chronic dysfunction of any of these processes is a sufficient cause of adrenal exhaustion  BioHealth provides fast lab processing times and competitive fees and is held to the highest standards of regulatory compliance by a rigorous state agency. Functional Adrenal Stress Profile plus V, #205 Turnaround: 3 - 4 days 4 Cortisol, 2 averaged DHEA-S, 1 Estradiol, 1 Estriol, 1 Testosterone (AM), 1 Melatonin (bedtime), 1 Progesterone (bedtime)
Also available with ESTRONE added (ask for BHD #205E) Learn More...

Ingo Loge: Founded Fitness Forever In 1992 when he realized there was a direct connection between mentality and results. "When the mind and body connect, your body changes very quickly."  Most people go to gyms for external reasons: vanity, to "look good." Everyone wants external results but no one connects internally. Effective training requires one to approach it from a perspective of self and not some idea of self, some outside picture of someone else they want to look like. No, you must start with you, who you are right now and grow from there. The whole gym experience, loud music, bright lights- I find they're usually just a vast, wide-open, generic experience that's not conducive to relationship with self at all; just the opposite. More...

Dr. Robert W. Haberkorn, D.C., M.M.Q., HHP  In my 11 plus years of practice I have had to oportunity to help many people with a wide range of health concerns.  Most patients gain symptomatic reielf within the first few treatments and noticed improved function in their daily life.  These are wonderful things.  Yet even beyond that is the pathway to healing and health.  My goal is to prepare you for a lifetime journey of healthy choices and practices.  It is important to stay fit and to make good choices in food and habits.  Your body and mind require a balance of sleep, rest, and exercise.  You need the correct building blocks to make your body healthy and have the toxins removed.  You have the innate ability to do these things and more.  My job is to help you on the path of innate healing. Robert Is Also a Medical Qi Gong and Tai Chi Master Learn More...
Visit Dr. Quiet And Dr. Happiness At The New Spa At The Desert Springs JW Marriott This expansive facility signals a new era of luxury with everything from a VIP suite with a private entrance to changing areas with Turkish hammams and digitally programmable desert rain showers.  Lounge and relax below crystal blue skies, near towering mountains and sprawling lakes. Our therapies will help relax and rejuvenate you from head to toe.  Massages, facials, and body treatments treat the body with a European approach.  Stay and enjoy a journey into a world of relaxed elegance, singular amenities, organic cuisine and exemplary service.

For an Intimate Dr Quiet Spa Expieirience Visit Spa Esmeralda at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort
This all-new spa offering a comprehensive menu of skin care and body treatments is one of the most luxurious the desert has ever seen. A lush spa garden with cascading baths and private treatment cabanas immerse you in absolute tranquility. Kim Cadra Spa Director.

At Running Wild in Palm Desert you will find a welcoming environment where runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities receive unparalleled service and support. Running Wilds Fit-losophy is to help you find the right ''FIT'' in every facet of your active lifestyle. Whether you walk, run, or simply need a good fitting pair of shoes, the experts at  Running Wild will work with you to evaluate your foot’s gait and natural biomechanics to help you select a shoe that offers the best fit and function for you.

Don and His Team are committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities, and offering educational resources and training opportunities to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.
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Daniel Bivins, DC, a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, where he was a research assistant, frequently lectures on health issues, clinical nutrition, and natural medicine. His patients have found lasting relief from a long list of complaints including hot flashes, vaginal dryness, PMS, fatigue, headaches, sleep difficulty, hair loss, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, detoxification and compromised immunity. Dr. Bivins worked along side Dr. TImmons Bio Healths founder for over 10 years.

Using BioHealth's proven sequence of lab testing, Dr. Bivins recommends diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, and/or natural hormones to effect long term health improvement, relieving symptoms and increasing longevity by addressing the root causes of imbalance and illness. Dr. Bivins Is available for all our patients and clients. He consults with our practitioners and orders all our stool, blood and urine samples after our patient surveys have been filled out and adrenal profiles have been run at bio health labratories.

Wow! This was like going to the spa at Desert Springs only for your teeth! Plus you are greeted with a smile, served a beverage and offered a DVD to watch and enjoy while you are treated in the most state of the art dental spa in the desert. They provide a holistic approach with 5 star service. We are pleseed to have Dr. Maisy Ibrahim a part of our extended team. **If you still have silver in your mouth you are being poisoned by mercury!

If you would like economical alternatives for dental crowns or bridgework, the highly qualified dental office of Dr. Maisy S Ibrahim can help you get the dental care you need. We offer discount dental plans for individuals, groups, as well as families looking for inexpensive oral care, and we can set you up with dentists involved in our program such as Dr. Maisy S Ibrahim. If you want to protect the health of your teeth as well as your family's, check out our family discount dental plans, and you as well as your children can take comfort in knowing that a knowledgeable dentist like Dr. Maisy S Ibrahim is caring for your teeth. If your mouth is being attacked by a tooth infection or a toothache, then have the problem looked after immediately by a qualified professional like Dr. Maisy S Ibrahim with your discount dental plan. Learn More

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